Simple home decoration idea to make home awesome with little sparrow

Festival season has already started. All the markets are shining with decoration items, lanterns and lot more exciting things.
So with excitement to we did our shopping yesterday. While shopping we came across very simple thing at the shop and that was box of ‘Sparrows’.

We saw the small rectangular box filled with dozens of the sparrows in it. Me and my wife surprisingly attracted toward that shop. Sparrows were made of plastic. Sparrows were neatly kept in the row as naughty students standing in the row!

and with no surprise we purchased 1 box of sparrows.

Artificial sparrow

Sparrow was made of plastic having small feathers on it. It has 2 metal wires by which we can easily tide it to any decorative objects. Similar product is available online to purchase.

Plastic sparrow

First thing we did is picked some sparrows from the box and tide to the large flower pot we had at home. This is a good way to make our flower pot more impressive.

sparrow collage, Chimani

Then we moved to the artificial hanging plant in the house. We tide couple of sparrows to it.

similarly we got ideas to put this artificial sparrows on the window like love birds.

Small thing made quite impressive difference in home decor.