How to become a successful trader in stock market?

Here are some important qualities of successful traders which made them successful trader in stock market.

  1. Successful trader do not blame. They accept the losses they have, and they don’t dwell on them, or blame other people or conditions. They learn from their mistakes and move on with their trading.
  2. Successful traders have a system. They stick to their system of trading religiously.
  3. Successful trader has patience. They know that most positions will not be profitable the minute they are opened.
  4. Successful trader in stock market do not overtrade. They realize that over-trading puts their account at risk, and they know that not everyday is a day for trading. They wait for high probability opportunities.
  5. Successful traders realize that nothing is 100% foolproof. They trust in their indicators, but they are aware of other factors that may influence their trades.
  6. Successful traders do not stay in a losing trade. They honor the stop losses that they set, and they do not hold their position in the hopes that the market will eventually “go their way.”
  7. Successful trader in stock market do not rush into trades. They take their time while selecting trades, and they are picky about which trades to jump on. They don’t place orders just for the sake of having a position in the market every second.
  8. Successful traders stick to a successful strategy. They have one to three techniques that really work, and they use them over, and over, and over again.
  9. Successful traders have the ability to adapt. They adjust their trading methods and decisions to changing market conditions.
  10. Successful traders know what type of trader they are. They don’t force themselves to trade with methods or strategies that do not fit their personality.
  11. Successful traders bank on consistent profits. They know that ignoring the small-profit trades and angling for a “grand slam” is a sure way to lose money.
  12. Successful trader in stock market takes action. They don’t let their fear control their decisions or interfere with their trading.
  13. Successful traders use successful systems. Their trading methods and indicators focus on high probability trades, sound money management, keeping their strategies free of curve-fitting, and working their system into their business plans for successful implementation.
  14. Successful traders recognize a “good” trade. They don’t base their evaluation on profits or losses; they base it on whether or not they followed their trading plan to the letter. Even if they DID lose money, as long as they stuck to their plan, it is a “good” trade.
  15. Successful trader in stock market take time off. They realize the importance of taking breaks from trading and the markets to clear their heads.
  16. Successful traders do not fear losses. They realize that losses are a part of their business, and they expect them.

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