Learn Exactly How We Made HOMEMADE DIWALI LANTERN step by step

Diwali is the festival of joy, happiness and colorful lighting. “Diwali also known as Deepavali and the “festival of lights“, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in the winter every year. Every year we try to make this diwali celebration unique and special gifts. This time we also made our diwali special with with homemade diwali lantern. This was lot of fun.

After Navratri’s next weekend we went for our diwali shopping at as usual Pune shopping make tie. Ravivar peth. We purchased everything that we listed in our shopping list except one thing i.e. Diwali lantern / Diwali Kandil. It was because we wanted unique Diwali lantern which will be very unique.

After couple of hours spent in the market we end up saying no to almost 100 sellers! So we thought why not make diwali lantern at home. As this idea clicked in my mind we started shopping for the stuff required for making diy lantern.
Even it would be nice idea to make such a lantern at home and gift it to someone special. Lets check how we created our diwali lantern.

We always wanted to reuse the stuff which is available at home. So we thought of making this lantern with wooden sticks. But we came across idea of using 1 box of speakers kept at the loft since long time.

lantern box

So we cut the part of the box keeping it edges as it is. So we got the firm structure to hold the lantern very well. Also make sure to cut big hole at the top to put light bulb in it. Attach the thread on the top surface to hang the lantern.

Then we cut the net of appropriate the rectangle shape to stick on the side of the boxes.

We fixed those net rectangles with the glue gun.

Then we applied the designer lace on edges and one on the top edge and one on the bottom edge of the lantern. Prefer the long thread lace at the bottom of the lantern.

Then stick the designer patches on the center of the net.

We glued the colorful pistas around the patches. Similarly you can add more decorative items as per your ideas to make it more colorful.

So this is our final version of beautiful designer diwali lantern.

This lantern is taking the beauty of our house to an altogether different level. Mean while check our diwali diya idea.