A memorable baby shower with simple shopping idea and gifts

A baby shower is celebrated during pregnancy. This is an event to welcome the unborn baby to the family. It is an event to bless the mother-to-be with abundant joys of motherhood.

In the U.S., baby showers aren’t always women-only. These events have been social gatherings with some potluck and some gift-giving.

But in India, It is mostly a women’s thing. Every community in India has its own traditions associated with a baby shower. Baby showers in India are usually celebrated in the third trimester. You can celebrate it in the seventh or the ninth month of pregnancy.

Certain communities in Southern and Western India also would have the mum-to-be sit on a swing decorated with floral decorations and gently swing her. The reason is to bring in a wave of happiness to her life.

In India, you are legally not permitted to know the gender of the baby before birth. Hence the gender guessing games are fun, even for the parents-to-be as they are as unaware of the gender just as much as the guests.

It is also a day to catch up with family and friends and enjoy wholeheartedly before the baby comes on board.

Shopping for baby shower event

1) Multi-Purpose Floret Pearl Designer Pink Flower Jewellery Set Check the price

Flower Jwellery

The metal and pearls set in jewelry are this jewelry is nonallergic and safe for all skin types. You can wear it for a long period without any risk to your skin. This is multi-purpose perfect wear on occasions like haldi, Mehendi, wedding, anniversary and other festivities.

2) Banner+Photo Booth Props+Mom to Be Sash for Baby Shower Decoration Check the price

Baby Shower decoration kit

This set of party (baby shower)props was exactly the same what I had thought of or wanted!!

So many pieces.. so strongly glued to the sticks. I never thought it to be that perfectly made!!

They have SPECIFIED that EITHER the MOM TO BE SACH “OR” BABY SHOWER banner would be given and NOT BOTH

So plz be very careful while ordering as I didn’t read it that carefully before ordering

Except this everything is just awesome in it!!

They had given even the white ribbon to put the “baby shower” letters altogether !!

Baby shower gifts

You should choose a baby shower gift which is useful to the mother and the baby both. However, there are very few such gifts in the market.

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